Backers of the Blue

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I back the blue because, they already have enough to deal with not to have our support! I was a volunteer fireman for about 4 years. I worked hand in hand with a lot of LEO. I am no longer a fireman but, i am engaged to a women that has a cousin that is a patrol officer, a sister that is a dispatcher and a brother in law that is a detective. So, basically i have family that is in law enforcement. I have tons of respect, love and compassion for LEO. Especially with all of the sacrifices that they have to make. I will stand up for LEO, Fireman and first responders everywhere. #Igotyoursix

Allen  N.C.  10/13/16

My son Brian west is a accident & homicide investigator for Kissimmee FL PD.he is married with two small boys .loves his job .we worry about him every day .  Carol FL  10/11/16

I back the blue because I believe we need law enforcement to keep us safe in our neighborhoods just as we need the military to keep us safe in our country.

I am writing because I believe now, more than ever, is the time that we should be pushing initiatives for colleges and universities to offer benefits to law enforcement officers (people already working in law enforcement, i.e. police officers, sheriff deputies, etc.) who do not have college degrees. Many law enforcement officers want at least a bachelor’s degree but cannot afford to pay for college. They need assistance and should receive it. Katrina LA 10/01/16

Law and order is paramount to a civilized society and our officers are the front line in this endeavor.  Dennis WA  09/30/16

Because you make the sacrifices that allow me to be who I am. You protect my family and for that I am forever grateful.

William CA 09/15/16

I love a 5’7” tall LEO. He is the 5th generation police officer and will be the 4th in his family to graduate from the NCHP academy this January. I have seen him come home from work on days beaten and also days where he is just as happy as can be. it takes a toll on family and those that love him and myself but I #BackTheBlue and if you don’t I certainly pray for you just like I pray for my C257 every day!

Allison NC 09/02/16

Because they serve our community every day in often dangerous situations. They are who I will call in an emergency. It is my privledge and honor to support them, I back them every day. I’m grateful for their service and protection for our community.

Ginger GA 08/06/16

Past family member was LEO. The CURRENT political situation is way out of hand. Dennis WA 08/02/16

Turning the red stripes on our flag to black and a blue one is disrespectful to these United States.
I certainly back and respect our law enforcement officers.
Their job is to keep our United States safe for all of us, local, county, or state and all in all the officers are responsible and trustworthy.
Please be respectful to our country.
Thanks, Terry GA 08/02/16

I proudly back the blue because I have seen the sacrifices these men and women endure to keep me and my loved ones safe. My best friend and the love of my life works awful hours, in terrible stressful conditions to uphold the laws of this country. Laws that at times we civilians don’t begin to understand. They are not appreciated by those they protect or those in political office that set the rules for their engagement with the people that break the very laws our society has written. These men and women of blue face traumatic circumstances every day by taking on those that would rob, kill, rape and vandalize our families, our community, our neighbors. The world is screaming “Black lives matter!”. Absolutely!!! But then it forgets that ALL lives matter! Unless you have looked down the barrel of a gun, been beside a child that was shot in senseless violence, seen your partner executed because of his uniform….. You have absolutely no right to condemn men and women in law enforcement that have. God bless each and every one of them. – Robin PA   7/30/2016


I back the blue because they are everyday heroes who put their lives on the line to keep others safe. – Kris FL    July 2016

(Bumper stickers are coming soon – BTB)

My husband has a combined 40+ yrs of LEO, my son is a Chief of Police & my granddaughter is in skills.  Go Blue   – Nancy MN  July 2016

We are having a prayer in the park to back the blue in our small community of 6,000. We are coming together to pray & show our support for our local officers, fallen officers, & our nation. We took trays of goodies to each police station/highway patrol along with thank you cards for their service. – Jennifer MO    July 2016

I back the blue because its right. I back the blue because without saying they have always back me (us) the people of their neighborhoods. #thisnursebackstheblue – Heather TX  July 2016

I support The Blue because I was The Blue. – Steven  July 2016

I back the blue because they are our thin blue line between order and chaos, they keep our families safe while performing a necessary job that they receive too little credit for! – Jacob    July 2016

It’s the right thing to do –Jen

Because we are a nation of laws that help protect all of us, and it’s the Police of our nation that enforce those laws, all the while placing their lives in danger on a daily basis.  -Stephen

I back the blue because everyday the man that I lay my head next to puts on his badge to risk his life for his country. He selflessly puts others before himself without a second thought. He graciously lends a helping hand to someone he has never met. He courageously steps into a situation that he knows he may not make it out of. That is why I back the blue. Because of him and his brothers and sisters on the force, we get to live another day. Because of him and his brothers and sisters on the force, we get to spend another moment with our children, with our friends, with our family. Because of him and his brothers and sisters, we can sleep safe at night. I will FOREVER AND ALWAYS back our law enforcement without hesitation and without fear. May God look after them every single second of every single day and bring them home to us safely and in good health. -Tracy

I back the blue because they protect us from all the terrible things that happen in our world today! Jacob

There is probably no other profession that requires more sacrifice and yet receives so little positive recognition in the media and public eye today. My heart goes out to the men and women who make the decision – every single day – to physically stand between me and the dangers of the world. In light of the recent shooting of Dallas police officers I hope that the public once again remembers that the police on our side. I hope that we see a memorial/gathering to show support and solidarity, and I also hope we have a show of solidarity with our police officers everywhere, no matter where we live.

Back the Blue!  – Hudson

I back the blue because I have a deep connection to law enforcement, my father is a law enforcement officer and my uncle and grandfather are retired officers. The reason I am contacting today is because of the recent, disturbing, upsetting and tragic loss in Dallas, Texas. I think something needs to be done to prevent further slayings of our brothers in blue. I would say that this organization should endorse Donald J. Trump for president because he is the only presidential candidate who would make a difference in stopping more police deaths. Thank you. Tyler

Jesus said, “Greater love hath no man than this: that he lay down his life for his friends.”
Law enforcement officers (LEOs) take this one step further – they will lay down their lives for strangers, for me, for you.  Far too often we let such bravery and selflessness go unnoticed.
We should notice.  Think back to 9/11 – 63 of the 414 First Responders killed were LEOs.  Remember that every year, in every state, there are LEOs who pay the ultimate price for strangers – some in vehicle crashes, some while disarming explosives, some while assisting fire fighters and EMS, some in cowardly ambushes, and some face-to-face with a criminal’s gun.  Those who survive today know that, God forbid, tomorrow they may not. There is no guarantee. We should at least say, “Thank you.” – Jennifer

I like to feel safe in my city and I know the Police help to ensure this happens.  Law enforcement has a hard job to uphold and are constantly criticized.  I believe police lives matter.  I believe if you don’t want to have a negative perception of the law and its enforcers don’t break it and there will not be a problem.  Police officers put their lives on the line on a daily basis and should be recognized.  Support your local police agencies. – Lindsay

Why I back the blue is because they are willing to lay down their life to protect you. Think about it. Are there many people out there who are willing to die protecting a stranger who hates them? I doubt it. It takes a special person to be able to do that. Like the people in blue. – Barrett

To wake up every morning, kiss your wife and kids, and drive away knowing there is a legitimate possibility that you will not come back home takes extraordinary bravery. Any man who will lay down his life for the protection of his community and country deserves recognition and admiration. This is why I support my local police force. They do the job that no body wants, earning themselves only the scorn of the American news media. While mistakes will be made and men corrupted by the power, as in every profession, the overwhelming majority of the officers are dedicated only to the safety of those they protect. I will support them in turn. – Cade

The police system is beneficial for our society because they provide motivation to do the right thing. Also, the knowledge that there is a police force constantly looking out for us gives a certain peace of mind. I know that if there is a robber loose in my neighborhood, the police will do their best to stop him for everyone’s safety. Finally, I love police officers because they donate their own time and safety to protect others. That is the kind of selflessness that makes our country strong. – Kasey

I think common citizens often neglect the reality that there are people who’s main objective in their job is to protect you. Whether it is through serving our country in the military or volunteering as a first responder in our communities, these people go into each situation with the intention to help in any possible way. This leads me to believe that our police departments across America have the same intentions, but to know the intentions we must first look at the dangers of the job. One thing I respect most about the police, particularly police with a family, is that they are willing to risk their lives for the safety of others while at the same time they will do everything and anything to return home. The terrible tragedies that pollute news headlines paint a clear picture of not only the dangers but sometime the abuses of power. To make matters worse, the first thing people decide to do is point the finger at the police. Sometimes the only evidence the police have is an assumption when people don’t cooperate and take the actions they see fit. The commitment to moral and ethical behavior is something that every officer swears to and I will fully support the police until substantial evidence proves otherwise. – Patrick